5 Feb 2015

In the beginning there was a camera and a pair of eyes

Dear all,

Welcome to follow my photograph blog. It will take you to see things that most people pass by without noticing; another world that only reveals itself to the eye of the camera; beauty that can be a matter of opinion. I retouch my photos very little, so what you see is the real thing. It exists.

Most of the photographs are from Portugal, where I live. So, come in, please, and have a look at the world as seen by my eyes.

Anu Patrakka

PhotosAlma, photos with soul (alma = portuguese for soul).

This first photo kicked me off into photographing details in Portuguese cities. The harmony of peeled paint and contrasting colours, beaten by the climate; sun and salty air.
Aveiro, Portugal, 2009.

Three years later I returned to the same spot with a new camera. The wall had become more blackened and a glimpse of sun reached a part of it. Somehow I like more the original photo, which just goes to show that you have to be at the right place at the right time, and that sometimes sooner is better than later, but later better than never.
Aveiro, Portugal, 2011.