2 Oct 2015

The Cosmos

More b&w: cosmos flowers. Sometimes the cosmos has only shades of grey.

All photos from Gião, Vila do Conde, 2015.

29 Sep 2015

The web

When I first started photographing in Portugal, I fell in love with the colours. Now I'm getting more and more interested in black&white. Could it be so that the colours distort what's essential?

All photos from Gião, Vila do Conde, 2015.

24 Sep 2015

Hi, I'm E.T. Who are you?

I don't actually like bugs very much, but they are fun to photograph. They seem to be curious about the lens of the camera - maybe they see their own reflection there - and they pose patiently while the photographer searches for different angles.

This praying mantis (as I was told it's called), or mantis religiosa, was resting on a stone wall next to a field. They say that the female eats her partner after mating. So, all bugs are not as sympathetic as they look.

All photos Gião, Vila do Conde, 2015.

18 Jul 2015


I love lilies. Do you? There's something exuberantly joyful and playful about them, something luxurious, even carnal. They shamelessly display their genitals, their pistils and stamens, but open up their inner secrets only if you look close enough into their depths.

Yes, I love lilies. They are probably the sexiest flower I know. What do you think?

Lilies, Vila do Conde, 2015

8 Jul 2015

Art on the streets

Street art has become an accepted form of art. Does that mean that it has become dull, too, when it's done without the excitement of being caught? No, I don't think so. What do you think?

These fantastic images are from Aveiro (2013).

25 Jun 2015

Flowers in the garden

I love macro photography. It reveals a world that is hidden to the naked eye. So, some quick shots from our garden, of flowers that many have; dahlias, gladioli, violets, geraniums... They are not short of colours.

Photos from Vila do Conde, 2015.


18 Jun 2015

Colours of Porvoo

Last time I said that I was born in Helsinki, but I´m actually from Porvoo, a medieval town 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. It´s a small town with both Finnish and Swedish speaking population. That is important to mention. It can´t be ignored.

Most of the Porvoo houses burnt down in 1760. The fire started from making of a fatal fish soup. The town was rebuilt, this time encouraging people to build their new houses of stone. The wooden houses light up like matches, you see. 

When I went back to Porvoo with a camera one day, I realized where my love for strong colours in houses derives from. 

All photos from Porvoo, Finland, 2010/2012.