19 Jun 2022

More inspiration

 Colours and details in Portugal... 

15 Jun 2022


It seems, these days, that when I clean the dust from this blog it is to share photos with a cover designer for my crime fiction novels. I have the Dropbox but forgot the password, so the blog is a faster and easier way to arrange inspiration for the designer. So, here goes, a few shots from the venues of my next (already seventh) novel. Not revealing any of the content, though. 

2 Jun 2020

Town of the Count

I live near Vila do Conde, "Count´s town". It´s a beautiful, quiet little town by the sea in Northern Portugal. Historical with the old "aqueduto" and old buildings, and an old pillory in front of the City Hall. It´s venue for my next book, so as soon as I could with the Corona and stuff, I went over there to take some photos. I hope they inspire the cover designer.

As soon as I had got off the metro and was setting up my camera by the aqueduto, a man with a big mustache started talking to me, asking where I´m from and telling me about himself. That´s one of the best things in Portugal: even strangers talk to you. Well, it helps if you speak Portuguese, of course.

3 Mar 2020

Reflections I

I was in Münich for a literary event, and had some time to stroll in the city on my own. At first I thought it quite boring, too clean and perfect. Then I looked up and saw the distorted reflections in the windows.

I believe you can find something interesting to photograph almost anywhere. You just need to see it.

Sorry for posting on the blog so seldom. I´ve been busy with book projects and stuff.