25 Jun 2015

Flowers in the garden

I love macro photography. It reveals a world that is hidden to the naked eye. So, some quick shots from our garden, of flowers that many have; dahlias, gladioli, violets, geraniums... They are not short of colours.

Photos from Vila do Conde, 2015.


18 Jun 2015

Colours of Porvoo

Last time I said that I was born in Helsinki, but I´m actually from Porvoo, a medieval town 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. It´s a small town with both Finnish and Swedish speaking population. That is important to mention. It can´t be ignored.

Most of the Porvoo houses burnt down in 1760. The fire started from making of a fatal fish soup. The town was rebuilt, this time encouraging people to build their new houses of stone. The wooden houses light up like matches, you see. 

When I went back to Porvoo with a camera one day, I realized where my love for strong colours in houses derives from. 

All photos from Porvoo, Finland, 2010/2012. 

10 Jun 2015

From Helsinki with love

I spent the last two weeks in Finland, most of that time in Helsinki. I have a love-hate relationship with Helsinki. I love it to a certain extent, but exceeding that it starts to wear me down. Saying that I have to add that it´s a lovely city in the summer. A bit hostile in the winter, though, like any other Northern city.

There are places in Helsinki that don´t look like Finland at all. They look more like some foreign city where I haven´t even been, yet. Ullanlinna, Kaivopuisto, Kruununhaka… ancient buildings full of colours and details. Very un-Finnish.

So, I can be a tourist in the very city where I was born, and that´s the way I like it. 

All photos from Helsinki, 2010.