16 Mar 2015


Southern sun, the heat is beating down on you. You’re dying for a drink, and sit down in one of those many cafés that spread out on plazas and streets and little parks on a beautiful spring day. Oh, what a relief to rest your feet for a bit after an afternoon spent seeing the sights of the city.

It won´t take a minute for an agile waiter to hurry up to greet you with a smile and ask what would you like to have. “A beer, make it a large one”, you ask, hiding your face from the blazing sun underneath a large umbrella.

A couple of minutes later you have a refreshing drink in front of you. A few more moments to down it, and after paying the bill you continue your walk with much happier feet. 

At the end of the day, at night, that waiter spends his last working time and strength to clean the tables, stacks them up as well as the chairs, by the entrance of the café, binds them together with a wire, carries in the big, heavy umbrellas and heaters, menu stands and whatnot. He closes the café and heads for home, rather tired. 

The next morning it may be the same waiter to undo the piles of tables and chairs, to carry the big, heavy umbrellas back on the street, the heaters, menu stands and whatnot. He lays the tables, puts on the tablecloths, napkins, forks and knives, glasses, candles and vases with flowers, and waits for the customers with a smile on his face.

He does it every day, perhaps six days a week. For his living, and for your relief. Next time don't forget to leave him a tip. He deserves it, don´t you think? 

All photos Salamanca, Spain, 2015.

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